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24 - 7 - 168

WOW - I don't even know where to begin. But like last year (I just read my blog entry on last year's retreat), God is really the big director of the retreat - everything just falls into place because of Him.

Day 1
Our journey started at Fairview, as we eat lunch and try to deposit the money. It's rather funny and scary at the same time - Aida, Mark and I were walking around with a lot of money, and I was so afraid of being jumped. Then we realized we couldn't even deposit the money there, and had a super hard time just trying to count the money. Hhaha~ I think for like half an hour, we couldn't understand why we were missing some money, until we found some money still stuck in Aida's folder thingy. =____='' Hahhah~

So this year, I am in Mark's car along with Daniel, Winnie, and Julia. I can't recall what we talked about... but there is one thing I remember: Mark's crazy connection with famous people! Mark, I want their autographs! Hhahaha, but at least I semi-know the people in Zion Noiz (yes, they are from my church).

The trip to Mill Stream was quick, and we got there in no time. Of course, that means free time!! Now, I wouldn't miss that good opportunity to play some sports, so immediately I rushed to the gym =P Then had an amazing time play basketball with the boys (and wow, they are soo good!) Arggg... but I feel bad... everytime I play with a bunch of boys I feel like I'm letting my team down and they have to play easy because "a girl is playing". And you know church boys, they are awesomely nice that they will just give you the ball and let you take a shot even though you suck. *Sigh* I hope you guys still had fun though, with me tagging along =P (Wow, I actually wrote the same thing last year..)

After some good exercise, we had a nice dinner. Actually this year I thought the food were a lot better than last year (though last year's was already pretty good). Our program started after dinner, with some crazy worship and games. Hhahaa, we actually went outside and built snowmen! Too bad the snow was too fluffy... but I still think we were pretty creative. Our group was actually going to make something like those boards where you can stick your head into a hole and take pictures. So it was going to be like you can stick your head out and take a picture as a snowman. But we couldn't do it in the end =( Oh well, I thought ours was pretty funny looking in the end, a small head with a fat body (and not to mention, the only standing snowman). Hhaha~ No one else seem to like ours though.. hahha

Cell group time was awesome too, as we were making the hand and sharing. I like how this year we had lots of sharing times with our cell group.

Night time came, and it's like tradition, we played killer. I didn't really play though - I wanted to be an observer mostly. You can really get a lot out from it just by watching the game. Just like what Hinson said, sometimes we just make up all these reasons as to why someone might be the killer... but really most of the time it's quite unrelated. In life, we are always blinded by explanations, but we don't see the real thing. We are so drawn into the details that we miss the big picture.

Day 2
For the whole retreat, we tried to bring out a point that so many times we rely on ourselves to do great things, but the ultimate plan is in God. And in the second day, I really could see that in action. Rev. Chung arrived late, and we had to do some switching in our program, so we had a cell group game first. We were caught by surprise since we thought we had the lunch time to prepare... but things actually turned out better with the change. Just like the game itself shows, many times we tried to use our own hands to achieve something... but we don't know if the result is sweet or bitter. But when we look closer, God's grace is just around us, neatly packaged, filled with sweetness, and reachable! We just have to make a decision to obtain it!

Sermon was great too - made me really reflect what I really need. I think when we live in the better part of the world, sometimes we don't even know what we need because a lot of our needs are met. Then we start to think that what we want is what we need. But in fact, that's not the case. So how can we expect to live life to the fullest without even knowing what we need?

Free time came next. For some reason, I just wanted some quiet time, so I went to the gym to shoot some hoops while thinking. I like that feeling - being in the gym by myself, just listening to the ball hitting the group and the hoop. It's a nice quiet time... made me think on some stuffs. Then a little later, the others came and we played some basketball, soccer, dodge ball, and etc. It was a good exercise! Too bad though, I didn't spend too much time outside like last year.. but some people went out to build a snowman =) Actually I just spend some time talking to Aida, it was fun too! ^^ Heheh~

The group activity at night was awesome too.. but too bad I wasn't really feeling well. Maybe I was just getting worn out, or maybe I just got sick because I was running around with my jacket inside the house. Then later, some people went out to watch stars, and I joined for a bit. It's nice to see the night sky, but perhaps I was tired and all, I didn't stay out too long. Oh well~

Day 3
Things were great as we were wrapping up the retreat. Seriously, I only realized we didn't have anything planned for closing until lunch time. (Aiya, we are terrible). So then Aida and I immediately started planning... and I guess we didn't need to worry at all (our Director will tell us what we need to do). As I was closing the retreat, I felt like God was just speaking through me. There were so many points that I didn't even think of when I was preparing, but I was just able to link everything together. The sharing was awesome too, even though it was short. Seeing God's work in many people is a great experience.. and really, it brings tears to my eyes to know that we are indeed fellowshiping with one another.

What can I say? God's grace wasupon us. And it is, and will be with us.

Thank you

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