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David Tao


David Tao is coming to Toronto for concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I can't go. 
Why? Because that night, we have TCCF 10th year anniversary! It's a big program too, so it's unlikely that I can just fly to the concert after since everything will end late.
NVM... maybe I'll be able to go after all.

Last time was Moses, this time David. I hope when Bosco comes, it doesn't turn out to be on a Thurs night.

Then again, it's always God first
Funny how I was trying to prepare something today about meeting someone famous. And I realized, yah sure we can meet all these famous people on earth, but so what? They are famous only on Earth... but are these things eternal? Instead, there's actually Someone out there that's wayyyy more famous, and He's inviting us to get personal with Him - our Lord Savior Jesus Christ! How great is that?!

You know... it's through these life decisions we can practice our obedience. I'm not saying it's bad to go to David's concert, or meeting any other famous people for that matter, but I'm saying, is God asking you to instead be somewhere else for Him?

That reminds me of something I heard during sermon today: Surely we can all serve God in ways we like to, the method we feel most comfortable, or in things we are most talented at. But it is true obedience and service when we say Yes to the Lord when He asks us to do things we never dream of doing. It's about the devotion to God, the love we have. If we really love Him, we will serve Him not because it's fun, nor because we are good at it, nor because we ought to, nor because no one else does it, BUT because we simply love Him. A good lesson to learn indeed.

Can you think of one thing you did this week that you did just because of God and nothing else?


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Feb. 12th, 2007 12:35 pm (UTC)
Amen. :)
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